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Job Readiness

Entering or re-entering the labour market is a decisive step that requires preparation. One of the following programs could help you decide what job is right for you or take the first step to join the workforce.

These programs focus on activities that allow unemployed persons to develop the skills they need to find and keep a job.

Help with setting your career goals

The Job Readiness measure helps you set your career goals and proposes activities to help you reach them, including assistance with finding a job, career counselling and training.

See the Job Readiness measure section.

A program for young people who want to carry out a project important to them

The Young Volunteers program gives you a chance to carry out a project that you designed, alone or as part of a team.

See the Young Volunteers section.

Rewarding work experience that offers both employment training and social training

Job integration companies offer a roughly six-month work experience that gives you a chance to adopt professional behaviours and attitudes as you build your skills and know-how.

See the Job Integration Companies section.

Depending on your personal profile, you may be eligible for other measures like internships or socio-professional experiences abroad offered by Office Québec-Monde pour la jeunesse.