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Employment Assistance Services

If you're looking for work and could use a little help to boost your chances of success, the Employment Assistance Services measure can provide opportunities to:

  • attend information sessions on the labour market
  • get career advice and counselling
  • take part in job-search activities and job-placement assistance activities

Who is this program designed for?

To be eligible for this program, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • be receiving employment insurance benefits
  • be receiving social assistance
  • be unemployed and not receiving any public income support
  • need an employment assistance service, even if you are employed or in school

What activities and services are provided?

An employment assistance officer will help you review your career goals and choose the activities and services most appropriate for you. Activities can be provided by a local employment centre (CLE) or by Emploi-Québec partners. They are generally short-term, lasting under 180 hours. Here are some examples.

Job-search clubs

These support groups help you carry out your job search and find the tools and resources you need. When you join a club, your search for employment becomes your full-time job, complete with a workplace-like setting.

Job-hunting strategies

You get support and advice to help you get started on your job search, as well as assistance with organizing your search.

Internships and job shadowing

Internships and job shadowing are short-term workplace experiences. They give you a chance to watch, observe and learn about a new trade or profession. They are also good opportunities to get to know an employer and ask questions.

Québec pluriel, A program for cultural communities and visible minorities

This mentoring program is designed for young people between the ages of 16 and 35 who are members of a cultural community or visible minority group. Québec pluriel activities last 12 weeks or longer.

Mentors share their knowledge of the labour market and Québec society with you, along with their love of a trade or occupation. They can also assist you with choosing your own career path.

See the Québec pluriel, A Program for Cultural Communities and Visible Minorities page.


Contact a job integration organization (French only)Opens external link in new window. or your local employment centre (CLE)Opens external link in new window..