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Job Offers

Searching for job offers is an important step for anyone looking for a job. It’s important to keep in mind that the way job openings are made public is constantly changing. On this page, you’ll learn about various ways to look for job opportunities.

Online Placement website

On Emploi-Québec’s Online PlacementOpens external link in new window. website, you’ll find:

  • listings for jobs and paid internships
  • job and internship listings for students
  • listings for jobs in northern Québec

You can register on the Online Placement websiteOpens external link in new window. to publish your candidacy and receive job alerts. Once you have registered, you can change your settings at any time by logging in to your accountOpens external link in new window..

Job Bank website

The federal government’s Job BankOpens external link in new window. website lets you search for job offers across Canada using a variety of search options.

Job search websites

There are dozens of websites that post job opportunities in Québec. They include general websites for many different types of jobs in many different sectors, and specialized websites for jobs in a specific sector, such as aeronautics or administration.

To find general websites, simply look up “job listings website”, “job posting website” or “job search website” using a search engine. For specialized websites, search for “job listings” or “job postings” followed by the field in which you are looking for work.

Company websites

More and more companies post available positions on their websites. Some companies even allow you to apply for positions online. If you visit the websites of companies that interest you on a regular basis, you’ll have a better chance of finding the job offers you’re looking for.

Public service jobs

Looking for a career in public service? Use the Carrières web portal (French only) to view calls for applications for jobs in the provincial civil service and to register to obtain an internship or student job.  

The Public Service Commission of CanadaOpens external link in new window. website features services and information related to jobs offered in the federal public service.

For jobs in municipal administration, visit the Québec municipal website (French only), which lists available positions in municipalities across Québec.

Social networks

More and more companies now post job openings on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. It’s a good idea to follow companies that could offer positions in your field. You can also build up a network of acquaintances who can share job offers with you.

Job and career fairs

Attending job and career fairs can be a good way to reach out to companies that are recruiting and learn about their available positions. Job and career fairs are generally advertised in newspapers, on public transit and in the Events section of this website.

Other job search ideas

To find job opportunities, we suggest keeping up with the news. Company start-ups and major investments can lead to job openings. The Labour Market Information (LMI Online)Opens external link in new window. website provides information on investment projects in your region.

You may also want to talk to people you know about the kind of job you’re looking for. Ask them to let you know if they hear about job opportunities.

Need help?

There are many different services to help you find a job. Assistance includes career orientation advice or mentoring, for example. You can start exploring your options on the Employment Assistance Services section of this website.