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Explore a Trade or Occupation

Are you looking for work? Want to improve your current work situation or learn more about a trade or occupation so you can make an informed career choice? There are a number of tools and services at your disposal.

Find out more about specific trades or occupations

Learn about the work, pay and job prospects for specific trades or occupations, and find out what training is required.

See the Labour Market Information (LMI) page.

Discover promising trades and occupations

Learn about trades and occupations with attractive job prospects, including those in health and social services and those requiring professional or technical training.

See the Trades and Occupations of Special Interest page.

Get a taste of a job you're interested in!

Internships and job shadowing provide opportunities to familiarize yourself with jobs you might be interested in.

See the Internships and Job Shadowing page.

Learn more about careers traditionally dominated by men or women

Some careers that are dominated by men or women offer good job prospects that individuals of the opposite sex might want to explore. Find out about these careers and the measures put in place to promote them.

See the Non-traditional Careers page.

Find out about educational and career counselling services

Read about educational and career counselling services provided by various organizations.

See the Educational Counselling and Career Counselling page.