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Developing Your Skills and Having Them Recognized

Upgrading your personal and professional skills is key to finding work. To acquire the necessary skills or have them recognized, a number of avenues are open to you. The following programs could be of assistance.

Get personalized help with finding a job

Need help entering the labour market? A job readiness program lets you take part in activities designed to develop your personal and work skills, including training, certain personal projects and work experiences at a job integration company.

Se the Job Readiness section.

Brush up on your training to find a job or keep your present one

Do you need training to upgrade your skills, enter the labour market or keep your current job? If you aren't eligible for the Loans and Bursaries Program from the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport, there are other programs that can help you achieve your goal, whether it's completing high school or earning a vocational or technical training diploma.

See the Training section.

Learn a trade on the job

Have little or no training and want to learn on the job? If you would like to practise a trade, you can learn the required skills through vocational qualification programs designed to encourage labour development. If you're considering a regulated trade or occupation, you will have to obtain the appropriate qualifications. Otherwise, you could do a workplace apprenticeship on a voluntary basis.

See the Vocational Qualification section.

Maximize your mobility in your occupation of choice

If you hold a regulated or specialized trade or occupation, obtaining official recognition of your qualifications allows you to find work in other countries or provinces that have signed an agreement to that effect. To work in Québec, you may have to have your skills evaluated to obtain a certificate of qualification, especially if you have a regulated trade.

See the Recognition of Qualifications section.

Get help joining the workforce

If you are receiving social assistance and want to prepare to join the workforce, Québec's social assistance and support programs can help.

See the Social Assistance and Support section.