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France-Québec Agreement

Thanks to an agreement between Québec and France, it is now easier for qualified persons to work in either territory.

The agreement has generated mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs) in over 50 trades and professions. These MRAs mean that persons who are qualified to work in the applicable trades and professions in France can also work in Québec, and vice versa.

Who is targeted by the program?

To be eligible, persons in trades and professions covered by an MRA have to meet two basic criteria:

  • They must have received their credentials from an educational institution recognized in France or Québec.
  • They must hold a valid permit to work in their trade or profession in France or Québec.

How does the program work?

MRAs have been signed in a variety of trades and professions. Their provisions vary from one field to another. 

If you would like to practise a trade in France under the Agreement (MRA) (trades that are regulated in Québec—compulsory qualification) 

If you have a certificate of qualification issued by Emploi-Québec for a regulated trade and wish to work in France, it is possible to have the certificate recognized in France. See the website of the Office français de l’immigration et de l’intégration (OFII). Opens external link in new window.

If you would like to practise a trade in Québec under the Agreement (MRA) (trades that are regulated in Québec—compulsory qualification)

To practise a regulated trade (non-construction-industry) in Québec (compulsory qualification), you must hold an Emploi-Québec certificate of qualification. For trades governed by the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), see the CCQ websiteOpens external link in new window..

How to sign up for training in a regulated trade

Practising a trade for which vocational qualification is voluntary in Québec

The following trades are regulated in France but not in Québec:

  • butcher
  • fishermonger
  • welder
  • baker
  • pastry chef

If you already work in one of these trades in Québec and want to practise the same trade in France, you need to obtain a certificate of vocational qualification. See the Voluntary Qualification page.