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Job Offers

Job offers can be found in many different places. Some are clearly posted and publicized, while others are harder to find. It's always best to follow as many leads as possible.

Emploi-Québec's Online Placement website

On the Online Placement website, you'll find:

See the Online Placement websiteOpens external link in new window..

Posted job offers

Job offers are posted regularly:

  • in newspapers, trade journals and the publications of various professional and employer associations
  • at employers' offices, businesses and public places (CLSCs, libraries, arenas, community centres, etc.)
  • at job and career fairs
  • at placement services run by educational institutions
  • on Internet placement websites
  • on social networking websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

You can find more information on websites specializing in training and job searches at the Multiservice Room of a local employment centre (CLE)Opens external link in new window..

Important! Be sure to protect your personal information when applying for a job.

Other job-search websites

Non-posted job offers

Over 80% of jobs are not posted. To find them, you have to use a little imagination. Here are a few tips.

  • Tell your friends and family what kind of work you're looking for. Ask them to let you know as soon as they hear of any possible openings.
  • Contact placement agencies. Many employers deal with agencies rather than placing help-wanted ads in newspapers. Check whether there are any registration fees.
  • Use the Find a businessOpens external link in new window. section of the Labour Market Information (LMI Online)Opens external link in new window. website to make a list of businesses likely to have jobs that would suit you.
  • Look in the telephone book to find businesses in your region.
  • Telephone employers to offer your services and learn about the jobs available.
  • Visit employers in person. You can make a good impression by showing that you have initiative.

Other situations

Keep an eye out for other situations that could lead to job opportunities.

  • Keep up with the news. Company start-ups and major investments can lead to job openings. The Labour Market Information (LMI Online)Opens external link in new window. website provides information on capital investment projects in your region.
  • Keep your ears open for opportunities that come up when employees go on maternity or sabbatical leave, stop working due to an accident or illness, or are about to retire.