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Tools for Job Hunters

To conduct a successful job search, you need the right tools. The following sections contain a wealth of good advice on getting equipped to find a job.

Your résumé

Your résumé (sometimes referred to as a "curriculum vitæ" or "CV") is an essential tool for employers. It describes your work experience, education and training, skills and fields of interest. In this section you'll learn what type of résumé is the best match for your profile and some of the best strategies for calling attention to your application.

See the Your Résumé page.

Your cover letter

Your cover letter has to persuade the employer to take a closer look at your résumé and grant you an interview. This section describes the best ways to capture an employer's attention.

See the Your Cover Letter page.

Your portfolio

Portfolios aren't just for photographers! A good portfolio can be useful in a wide variety of fields and help you stand out from the crowd. Read through this section to learn whether a portfolio could be of use to you and how to put one together.

See the Your Portfolio page.

Business cards

Why not create a business card that provides a brief overview of your profile? Along with potential employers, you can hand it out to anyone who might be able to assist with your job search at events like job fairs.

See the Business Cards page.

Using the telephone

The telephone is still a good way to find jobs not posted anywhere. You can call employers to offer your services, find out whether there are any job openings on the horizon, or just follow up on an application or interview.

See the Using the Telephone page.

Submitting your application

What type of format is best for your résumé? Should you mail in your résumé or fill in the information online, on a website? The answers depend on employers' requirements and the job search method you’re using.

See the Submitting your Application page.

The interview

Now that your résumé has caught an employer's attention and you’ve been called in to an interview, you're probably wondering what questions you might be asked. What's the best way to prepare?

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