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Working in the Civil Service

You can find a student job or do an internship in your field of studies in the Québec civil service—even while you're still at school. Student jobs are generally full-time during the summer and part-time during the rest of the year (up to 14 hours per week).

A student job can provide solid work experience and a chance to start building a network that will help you find a regular job after you graduate. What's more, as a recent or prospective graduate, you'll be able to apply for a permanent job in the Québec civil service through student recruitment competitions.

Emploi-Québec is a partner in efforts to hire and integrate students belonging to certain groups targeted by Québec government departments and agencies: English-speakers, Aboriginal persons, individuals with disabilities and people from cultural communities.

Applying for a student job in the civil service

You're eligible for a civil service student job if you are still at school or finishing your education and are getting ready to enter the regular workforce. The Online Placement website is the only place you can submit your candidacy for a student job in the civil service.

To apply, follow these 2 steps.

The selection process

Applicants awarded student jobs are selected randomly and impartially by Québec government departments and agencies from the Online Placement candidacy bank.

Selection is based on the candidate's field of study and the region where the job is located.

Are you a recent or prospective graduate? There’s a world of possibilities open to you.

If you’re interested in a career in the Québec civil service, see the How to applyOpens external link in new window. section of the Careers portal (French only).