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In addition to the services provided by Emploi-Québec to all Quebecers, certain services and resources were created especially to help young people find and keep a job.

Choose a trade or occupation

Several resources can help you make the right career choice or find a training program that's right for you.

  • Having trouble making sense of all the occupations out there? In addition to the counselling services available at schools, there are many online organizations and resources that can help you find the job you're looking for.
    See the Educational Counselling and Career Counselling page.
  • If you want to make a sound career choice, it's a good idea to learn more about the many occupations open to you, including their characteristics, wages, job prospects, training requirements and so on. The Labour Market Information (LMI Online) website lets you explore over 500 trades and occupations.
    See the Labour Market Information (LMI Online)Opens external link in new window. website.
  • Want to know more about various courses of study, your training options and financial support you might qualify for?
    See the Learn about Courses of Study and the School System page.

Find a summer job, a part-time job or an internship

Still in school but already feeling the urge to learn more about the working world, make professional contacts and get a few references for your résumé, all while becoming better acquainted with certain trades and occupations?
See the Student Jobs page.

Gain work experience or get ready to join the labour market

There are several programs that prepare you to join the workforce or provide work experience that can help confirm your career choice.

  • Want to get a job but need training and support first? Job integration companies provide an opportunity to gain 26 weeks of work experience combining vocational and technical training and opportunities for personal and social development.
    See the Job Integration Companies page.
  • Want to develop new skills in a field that interests you while working on a project of your own design? The Young Volunteers program could help you carry out your project and gain hands-on work experience.
    See the Young Volunteers page.
  • Want to learn more about a trade or occupation that interests you, or even give it a try? Job shadowing and interning can provide valuable work experience and, who knows, maybe even lead to a great job offer!
    See the Internships and Job Shadowing page.
  • Are you a young member of a cultural community or visible minority group? This specialized support program, which comes complete with personal advice from an experienced mentor, might help you find the job you want.
    See the Québec pluriel, A Program for Cultural Communities and Visible Minorities page.
  • Are you a young parent who needs a little help completing high school? The Ma place au soleil program provides counselling and support services to help you earn your high school diploma and find a job in a trade or occupation experiencing a high demand for workers.
    See the Ma place au soleil – Program for Young Parents page.

Take advantage of financial assistance to boost your employability

You could receive financial support to help you break into the labour market.

  • Eligible for social assistance and looking to gain greater personal, social and vocational self-sufficiency? The Youth Alternative Program can provide financial assistance and specialized coaching to help you enter the labour market.
    See the Assistance for Individuals under Age 25 – The Youth Alternative Program page.
  • If you're taking part in an employment program, you can be reimbursed for certain expenses you incur to take part in targeted activities, including training.
    Ask your local employment centre (CLE)Opens external link in new window. for more information.