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Partnerships and Sector-based Action

Improving employment performance

Emploi-Québec's activities are carried out in close collaboration with labour market partners, primarily through the Commission des partenaires du marché du travailOpens external link in new window..

The Minister, CPMT and regional councils

The Minister and CPMT work collaboratively, primarily to:

  • develop employment and workforce policies
  • determine strategies and objectives

The CPMT plays an advisory role to the Minister and, jointly with the Minister, draws up Emploi-Québec's annual action plan.

At the regional level, the role of the regional councils of labour market partnersOpens external link in new window. mirrors that of the CPMT at the Québec-wide level. The regional councils are also responsible for adapting Emploi-Québec measures and services to the needs of their region.

Sector-based action

The CPMT is responsible for developing a sector-based action strategy aimed at solving workforce problems shared by businesses in a given sector. Rooted in a thorough understanding of the labour market, the strategy calls for the active participation of both employers and workers.

Representatives of the business community, trade unions and labour associations are best positioned to understand workforce-related issues in their respective sectors and put forward solutions.

As a result, the Commission des partenaires du marché du travailOpens external link in new window. works collaboratively with committees representing the Québec labour market in taking sector-based action:

Direction du développement des compétences et de l'intervention sectorielle

This division of the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT) is responsible for sector-based action.

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Organizations that provide employability services: full Emploi-Québec partners

The mission of organizations that specialize in providing employability services is to support the social and vocational integration of people considered to be employment-disadvantaged.

Through their experience and skills, they help achieve the objectives set by public employment services. Their activities and expertise in specialized fields associated with employability complement those of local employment centres (CLEs). They form a Québec-wide network, thereby increasing access to employment assistance services.

Emploi-Québec has enjoyed a long and productive partnership with organizations providing employability services, for the benefit of all Quebecers. A recognition and partnership protocol agreement between Emploi-Québec and these organizations ensures that the specialized services they provide are complementary to public employment services.

Community organizations are grouped according to the type of services offered or the client groups served.

  1. Collectif des entreprises d'insertion du Québec (CEIQ)Opens external link in new window.
  2. Alliance des centres-conseils en emploi (AXTRA)Opens external link in new window.
  3. Réseau canadien des entreprises d'entraînement (RCEE)Opens external link in new window.
  4. Réseau des carrefours jeunesse-emploi du Québec (RCJEQ)Opens external link in new window.
  5. Réseau des services spécialisés de main-d'œuvre (RSSMO)Opens external link in new window.
  6. Regroupement des organismes spécialisés pour l'emploi des personnes handicapées (ROSEPH)Opens external link in new window.
  7. Collectif autonome des Carrefour jeunesse emploi du QuébecOpens external link in new window.

Local partners to help connect with clients

Local development centres (CLDs) are non-profit organizations that work to promote local economic development. Funded by the Québec government and the municipalities, they are composed of business, labour, community and institutional representatives. A protocol agreement between local employment centres and local development centres ensures activity planning and execution are aligned at the local level.

Representatives of Emploi-Québec sit on CLD boards of directors, putting Emploi-Québec's expertise at the service of the community. Its representatives contribute to the labour and employment components of local economic and employment action plans.

Through this active, locally based partnership, Emploi-Québec is able to get a better grasp of the concerns of labour market stakeholders and develop closer links between the economy and employment.

Taking action, sector by sector

Considering that workforce problems vary widely from one sector of activity to the next, Emploi-Québec takes a sector-wide approach to dealing with employment issues.

Government partnerships for greater effectiveness

Under the Canada-Québec agreement, funding is transferred to Emploi-Québec for the management of active employment measures and certain National Employment Service functions.

Emploi-Québec also partners with Québec government departments to make its employment and workforce-related actions more effective.

In addition, the agency works closely with such government bodies as:

With regard to the latter client group, Emploi-Québec also carries out various activities within the framework of the Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities (EAPD) Agreement, under which the Government of Canada funds certain measures.

Representation for client groups considered to be employment-disadvantaged

The CPMT also funds and supports the following bodies:

  • two employment integration and maintenance committees for immigrants and persons with disabilities
  • four advisory committees responsible for providing advice on improving services to women, youth, offenders and workers aged 45 and over

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