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Provincial Territorial Apprentice Mobility

Provincial Territorial Apprentice Mobility Protocol and Agreement

On July 16, 2015, Canada’s Premiers signed the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Protocol (PDF, 47 KB), establishing a framework to facilitate apprentices mobility to pursue jobs anywhere in Canada without interruption to their continuum of training.

Ministers responsible for apprenticeship also signed a Provincial-Territorial Mobility Agreement which details jurisdictional commitments to facilitate apprentices being able to work temporarily or move permanently between provinces and territories and receive recognition for hours worked and other training completed.

The documents together create the foundation that enables apprentices to pursue training anywhere in Canada.

Permanent and temporary Apprentice Mobility

The Premiers’ Protocol and the Ministers’ Agreement apply to apprentices that wish to move:

  • Permanently - where they will receive recognition for their training and exams successfully completed in the same or equivalent trade without having to repeat their training. This recognition also applies to pre-apprentices;
  • Temporarily - to work, and where they may also be able to take technical training and write exams; and

For apprentices, employers and others wishing to know more, refer to the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Guidelines (PDF, 5.9 MB) where you will find the Protocol and Agreement.

Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Guidelines 

The Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Guidelines apply to apprenticeship training programs in all Canadian provinces and territories. The Guidelines document agreements reached by jurisdictions to facilitate apprentice mobility.

Permanent or temporary Apprentice Mobility

Process for an apprentice wishing to move permanently or temporarily in Québec (insert link).

How to sign up for training in Québec

  • Consult the Information Guide - Enrolment Application - Qualification Program.
  • Complete the Enrolment Application - Qualification Program.
  • Pay the required fee to obtain your certificate of qualification (see the fee information, Fees as of January 1, 2020 (PDF, 34 KB)).
  • Mail your application to the following address:

Centre administratif de la qualification professionnelle
Case postale 100
Victoriaville (Québec)  G6P 6S4
Telephone: 1-866-393-0067

You wish to be an apprentice in another province or territory?

Consult their Website for requirements and process: