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List of trades

You can find out about the required skills and conditions for practising a given trade by consulting the list of trades. The list also provides information about the necessary qualifications and available apprenticeship programs.

Voluntary-qualification trades are generally eligible for the Workplace Apprenticeship Program.

Compulsory qualification

You are legally obliged to hold an apprenticeship card or a certificate of qualification to practise a regulated trade. The regulations that govern certain trades are generally aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers and the public.

See the list of compulsory-qualification trades (French only).Opens external link in new window.

Voluntary qualification

Voluntary qualification applies to non-regulated trades. Voluntary-qualification programs allow workers with limited experience to acquire the necessary skills for the trade they want to practise, in an on-the-job context. Unless otherwise specified, these trades are eligible for the Workplace Apprenticeship Program (PAMT).

The programs also allow experienced workers to obtain official recognition for their skills.

See the List of voluntary-qualification trades (French only).Opens external link in new window.