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Wage Subsidy (PDF, 432 KB)

This Information sheet describes the Wage Subsidy measure, a measure designed to help persons enter the workforce.

January 2015

2013-2017 Job Prospects (PDF, 185 KB)

Job Prospects presents labour market trends, over a five-year horizon, by occupation.

November 2014

Services to Citizens – Employment and Social Solidarity (PDF, 760 KB)

This brochure presents Emploi-Québec's employment and social solidarity services for citizens: online placement services, multiservice room and specialized services.

August 2014

Parental Contribution (A-823) (PDF, 432 KB)

Following the receipt of an application for social assistance, the Ministère must determine whether a parental contribution has to be taken into account when setting the amount of the applicant's benefits.

May 2014

User's guide – Finding a job: Register and publish your student candidacy (PDF, 536 KB)

If you would like to register for student Online Placement, this guide describes the steps to register, publish a candidacy and consult job offers.

April 2014

Guide to Finding New Job Leads (PDF, 278 KB)

March 2014

Automated telephone identification service (PDF, 547 KB)

A new service will be available as of February 6, 2014.
Faster telephone service! Use our automated telephone identification service.

February 2014

Three Special Benefits for a Healthy Baby and Mother (PDF, 252 KB)

This booklet provides all the useful information you'll need to obtain a special pregnancy benefit, a special nursing benefit or assistance for the purchase of infant formula.

October 2013

Special Benefits - General information (PDF, 192 KB)

A special benefit is an amount paid to help cover all or part of the expenses related to a special need. Payment of a special benefit is included with your monthly benefit if it is a regular expense, or upon application in the case of an occasional expense.

June 2013

Discover a trade or occupation (PDF, 411 KB)

This brochure illustrates some of the advantages of being part of Découvrir workplace experiences for unemployed people under 25 years old, and describes the kinds of formats offered and how to access them.

June 2013