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Promoter(s) Declaration-Self-Employment Support (EQ-6335A) (PDF, 558 KB)

Document permettant d’identifier les promoteurs, de décrire le projet et de formuler une demande de participation à la mesure Soutien au travail autonome.

May 2023

Follow-up sheet - Screening (6478-03A) (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Form used by external resources so that they can refer a person who could benefit from our services.

April 2023

Fiche de suivi – Dépistage (6478-03) (PDF, 676 KB)

Formulaire utilisé par les ressources externes afin qu’elles puissent nous diriger une personne qui pourrait bénéficier de nos services.

April 2023

Follow-up sheet for a referral or recuitement activity (6478-01A) (PDF, 154 KB)

Follow-up sheet for a referral or recuitement activity to be completed by the outside partner.

April 2023

Application for an Administrative Reconsideration – Public Employment Services (EQ-6505A) (PDF, 116 KB)

Form that must be used to file an application for administrative reconsideration of a decision related to a program, measure or employment service. Used in cases where the decision is not subject to an application for review.

December 2022

Qualification Program – Enrolment Application (01-1000) (PDF, 611 KB)

This form is the enrolment application for the following programs:

  • Regulated qualification programs - regulated qualifications
  • Regulated qualification programs - other qualification programs administered by Emploi-Québec
  • Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program

This guide contains general information to help you complete the enrolment application (PDF, 1.0 MB).

November 2021

Parental contribution (SR-2102A) (PDF, 154 KB)

Form to be completed by parent(s). This form must be completed when a child who is considered a dependent of his or her parents files an application for financial assistance.

July 2021

Employment services and last resort financial assistance

You must complete the three forms in order to apply for last-resort financial assistance.

  • Application for Service — General Information (3003A)
  • Appendix 1 — Information about Education and Employment (3003-01A)
  • Appendix 2 — Application for Last-Resort Financial Assistance (3003-02A)

If the application is for a couple or a family, each adult must complete the following forms:

  • Application for Service — General Information (3003A)
  • Appendix 1 — Information about Education and Employment Services (3003-01A)

However, only one Appendix 2 — Application for Last-Resort Financial Assistance (3003-02A) form needs to be completed per couple or family. Submit the duly completed forms in person or by mail to your nearest local employment centre.

Important: Your eligibility for a last-resort financial assistance program is determined as of the date on which your local employment centre receives the forms.

Before submitting your last-resort financial assistance application, you can obtain a preliminary assessment using the SimulAideOpens external link in new window.. Note, however, that this simulation may not be used for legal interpretation purposes.

Acrobat prints documents in letter format (8½ inches X 11 inches) by default. If you wish to print on legal-size paper (8½ inches X 14 inches or 215 mm by 355 mm), you must select the desired printing format.

February 2020

Reporting a situation that does not respect the law - Compulsory qualification programs (01-1047A) (PDF, 190 KB)

Non-respect of conditions applying to the carrying on of trades subject to the Act respecting Workforce vocational training and qualification (R.S.Q., c. F-5)

February 2020

Declaration of income (6468A) (PDF, 525 KB)

This form must be completed if you are participating in an employment assistance activity, but are not receiving government income support and are not an Employment Insurance participant.

An Employment Insurance participant is a person who has received employment insurance benefits at any time in the past 60 months or has paid premiums to the Employment Insurance Program during 5 of the past 10 years.

The form is used to verify whether your income in the past 12 months and that of your family, if any, is under the low-income cut-off. The information will allow the personnel at the Ministère to determine whether you are eligible for financial assistance during your participation in an employment assistance activity. Submit the duly completed, signed and dated form to your nearest Services Québec officeOpens external link in new window..



November 2019